Join Me in Finding Beauty in EVERYday

Do you ever find yourself going through life on auto-pilot, not really noticing or appreciating what is around you? Driving mindlessly to work, dreading the day. Chilling out in the evening, or working the “second shift” – all those chores screaming to be done. Oblivious to your surroundings.

Difficult circumstances can prevent us from seeing beauty too. I wrote a post about this on Michele Cushatt’s blog.  (Check out her site and her book Undone.)  We get caught up in focusing on what we have lost, and don’t see what blessings we have.


(c) Ann Thompson

All the while only a few feet away is a big, beautiful world. One that we so easily miss.

We often don’t notice beauty until we step out of our everyday routine. We snap pictures on vacation. Of mountaintop moments or breathtaking scenery. Or we record special occasions. But what about the moments in between? What about our everyday experiences? There’s beauty in that too.

Sometimes hidden
Small and unnoticed
Taken for granted
Wrapped in an unattractive package

We have to intentionally look – train ourselves to see. The beauty is there. Waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Quietly waiting for us to notice.

So much of how we experience life is in how we choose to see. What we focus on. When we focus on what is good and beautiful, it expands. When we focus on the negative and ugly, it grows and taints every aspect of our lives.

I invite you to join me in a challenge, called 30 Day Beauty in EVERYday. Together we will explore what it means to look for beauty in our everyday lives. Not the obvious breath-taking beauty of a perfect mountain scene, or a glorious sunset. Beauty you might not normally notice.

  • A hand reaching out to comfort
  • A sparkling smile
  • The pattern of light as the sun filters through the trees
  • A child’s innocence
  • Ant hills on the sidewalk
  • Your favorite tool
  • A note from a loved one

Together we will spend the next 30 days looking for the good, the everyday beauty. I know this experience will change us. I don’t know how, but I know that it will. We will also have fun. Fun as we look. Fun as we notice. Fun as we share.

If you want to join me on this “30 Day Beauty in EVERYday” adventure, Click Here If you know someone you’d like to travel with, share this post.

Have fun. Bring your camera and a notebook. See you on the trail.