Shine On!

Twenty-five years ago, in August 1991, my husband Jerry and I moved into our first and only house.  It was brand new, and the paint was barely dry. (We had done the painting ourselves with the help of friends, family, and a power roller.)  Last night in honor of this special anniversary, I cleaned and polished the kitchen sink so it shone.

(c) Kathleen Thompson

(c) Kathleen Thompson

Yeah, there are a few bumps and scratches, but it’s still beautiful.  I guess the same thing could be said about me.  And you.

You may have bumps, bruises, scratches or scars.  Just like my sink, you’ve worked hard.  Seen a lot of dirty dishes.  Cleaned up several messes.  And now you shine with a patina that comes with age, wear, and experience.

Be proud of those scars.  Those scratches.  Those nicks and bumps.  They are proof that you’ve really lived.  And I love you all the more because you’ve helped show me how to live with grit, grace, and gratitude in the midst of it all.

Shine on!
Love, Kathleen

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