The Night Before Thanksgiving (or A Visit From Gratitude)

Happy Thanksgiving!  After challenging you all to write a song for Thanksgiving, I sat down to try it myself.  Here's what popped out.

(c) Dollar Photo Club

(c) Dollar Photo Club

Maybe it will inspire you…or give you a good chuckle.  If you write a Thanksgiving poem, share it in the comments or email me at  I may put it to music!

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, when all through the air
was the scent of apples, cinnamon, and pear.

The pies were all baked, and the turkey prepared,
the table just waiting for folks to sit there.

And I in my apron a bit spattered with grease
sat down for a moment of quiet and peace.

I thought of the people who had sat here before
as we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas….and more.

The fun and the laughter, the stories and food.
the sharing enhancing our holiday mood.

And so as I sat at the table alone
resting from all the prep I had done,

I thanked God for family and friends – for bonds
that lasted through time and space…and beyond.

As gratitude flowed through my heart and my head,
I exclaimed “Happy Thanksgiving!”, and went up to bed.


Whatever your circumstances this Thanksgiving – joyful, grieving, at peace, or stressed – my heart is with you today.  In this sacred moment, I thank you for being who you are.  Unique, precious.  Beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving.