I Came Close to Missing This

I almost missed it.  A conversation with a young man who’s had an experience that’s transformed his life and life’s journey.  I almost missed it.  I would have missed it.

(c) AdobeStock Photo

(c) AdobeStock Photo

But I didn’t.  And I’m so grateful.

Why did I almost miss this conversation?  Because of a misunderstanding between me and someone in his family.  Because we each thought we were right, and almost let that sever our relationship.  Because we were letting our desire to be right overshadow our love.

Yes, I almost missed it.

And it all started so innocently.  An email.  A response.  Which led to misunderstanding on both sides.  More emails.  Misunderstanding piling on top of misunderstanding.

We were at the breaking point.  And it was going to affect not just the two of us, but our whole families.  And other friends.  It wasn’t right, and it wasn’t good.

Finally one of us took the initiative to fix it.  Extend the olive branch of fellowship.  Make love more important than being right, or even understood.  It was hard.  But it was the best thing we could have done.

Because our relationship is stronger than ever.  I got to hear this young man tell his story of pain and redemption.  Struggle and victory.  I got to pray with him.  I got to celebrate with him.  And I would have missed it.  I’m so glad I didn’t.

Are you experiencing a strained relationship right now?  Maybe even to the point of breaking?  Is it possible that being right or being understood is more important to you than being love?  If so, I encourage you to take the initiative to change that today.  Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

Now you’re not guaranteed that the other person will respond right away, or even at all.  Even if they don’t, it’s worth it to try.  To put love above everything else. Our pride. Our reputation.  Our sense of justice.  It’s worth it to try.

As I drove home after hearing this young man’s story, I was so grateful I hadn’t missed it.  I was humbled to think that I might have.  I was glad I had a second chance.

Today’s your second chance.  Your opportunity to mend a broken relationship.  A chance to let love win.  What are you going to do with it?  Leave a comment.