The Measure of a Moment

What's a moment worth?  How do you measure a moment?  If you're a gazillionaire making $1 billion a year, a minute is worth about $190,000. If you're like the rest of us, not that much in terms of dollars.   What if we use a different lens?  See the value in its ability to change our life, protect us from danger, take our breath away?  What about the moments that change our life's course, remind us of who we are, or even change history?

life is full of beautiful moments - remember them

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What are those moments worth?

The moment right after the sun goes down and the clouds are on fire with orange, red, and purple.
When your baby smiles at you for the first time,
When you're told you're cancer-free.
When your problem student gets his diploma.
When you bite into the first strawberry of summer.
When you say “I do.”

Beautiful, magnificent moments.

Or how about these?

When you escape from a toxic relationship with nothing except yourself.
When you rush to the ER thinking your husband has had a snow-blower accident and are told he's dead.
When a car doesn't stop at an intersection and broadsides you.  You miraculously escape injury.
When your boss tells you you're laid off and you have to leave today.
When you send an email in anger and immediately regret it.

Tragic or near-tragic moments.

What about the quiet, insignificant moments?

Your family greets you when you walk in the door after work.
You wake up with a song in your heart.
You share a cup of tea with a friend.
A stranger in the grocery store says hello while you wait in line.
You see the first crocuses blooming as you take your morning walk.

There are moments we wish would never end, and those we wish we could take back.  And then there are the moments we miss because we're too busy or have closed ourselves off.

There's a short verse in the Bible that says “Mary remembered all these things, and treasured them in her heart.”  Back before Facebook, Instagram, or even portable notebooks, people had only their memories.  And here was a mother doing what mothers do – purposely remembering to treasure the small, apparently insignificant moments.

Want to see the beauty in EVERYday?  Look up.  Look out.  Look within.  Treasure the small, insignificant moments.  The breathtaking moments.  Even the difficult moments.

Taste the tang of the strawberry.
Splash in the puddle.
Feel the dirt run through your fingers.
Breathe the clean fresh air.
Bask in the warmth of a friend's embrace.
Watch the sun dance on the water.
Listen to your children's laughter.
Feel the tenderness of a comforting hand.

One moment.  Of immeasurable worth. Don't miss the moments of your life.  Take the measure of each one.  Count it as priceless.  Treasure it in your heart.

Find beauty in each moment.  In EVERYday.

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  • i heard someone use the phrase ‘the sacrament of the present moment’. Its a great reminder that now is all we have. May we live it with our full attention and awareness as opposed to living with regrets about the past or worries over the future.