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Announcing the “Finding Your Groove” Podcast!

Art by Jackie Hobbins

Art by Jackie Hobbins

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Debut Date:  Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 6:00 am Eastern Time

Host:  Kathleen Thompson

Entertaining  ♦  Informative  ♦  Uplifting

“Finding Your Groove” is dedicated to the art of living today while creating tomorrow.  Tune in the first and third Tuesdays of every month as Kathleen helps you tune up, find your rhythm, and develop your unique voice.  Kathleen uses music and the arts to communicate a message of joy, hope, and life transformation.

Each episode consists of four short segments wrapped with music.

  • Rhythm of Life – Kathleen’s story of her attempts to live a healthy life
  • Tune-Up Tip – practical tips to live well
  • Random Riffs – fun riffs on any topic
  • Feature Segment – topics ranging from food to success, productivity, exercise, and developing your niche

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Kathleen says, “I started this podcast to help people who want something more out of life. They may be frazzled from busy-ness, bored with routine, trapped in a life they didn’t create, or experiencing a transition. Not long ago I was there myself. My goal is to have fun as we share the journey, and provide tools to help them create a life of adventure and significance.”

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