Episode 001: Introducing “Finding Your Groove” [podcast]

TA-DA!!!!!  Today is the debut episode of my new podcast, Finding Your Groove.  (Drum roll, please.)  The show is dedicated to the art of living today while creating tomorrow. Together we will tune up mind and body, find a rhythm, and make your life SING.

Art by Jackie Hobbins

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On today’s episode:

Rhythm of Life – What I need to stop doing first thing in the morning

Tune-Up Tip – We’ve heard again and again that smoking kills. Something we do every day that could be just as lethal.

Random Riffs – You’ll see

Feature Segment – Why I started this podcast when I have a full-time job and a busy life.

Rhythm of Life

In this segment, I give you an inside look at my attempts to live a healthy life in a high-tech, hectic world – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I share my struggles and triumphs so that you know you are not alone.

If you have any suggestions for how I can stop checking e-mail first thing in the morning, leave a comment below.

Tune-up Tip

Sitting for extended periods of time is associated with all kinds of problems, from strained neck to foggy brain, diabetes, and a higher mortality rate. What can we do?

Feature Segment –The Story of “Finding Your Groove”

Lessons learned as I have found my own groove:

  1. It takes courage to ask for help
  2. We need one another
  3. Read and listen
  4. Take control of our own health
  5. We have a finite amount of energy.
  6. Establish proper boundaries.
  7. Integrate who we are in every aspect of our lives..



 More Douglas Adams Quotes

Articles about Sitting Syndrome:

Washington Post

Huffington Post

Science Daily



James Levine – Get Up!  Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

John Eldredge – The Sacred Romance

Mark Batterson – In the Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage

Ann Voskamp – 1,000 Gifts

Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

Andy Andrews – The Traveler’s Gift

Andy Andrews – The Seven Decisions


Charles Billingsley – God of the Ages

Sandi Patty – Artist of My Soul

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  • Ruth R. Hartunian-Alumbaugh

    Congratulations on your first podcast! Looking forward to more great insights and inspiration from you!

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Thanks, Ruth! And I look forward to insights and inspiration from YOU.

  • This is such an exciting day and you’ve worked so hard! Remember…it’s a marathon. Crazy proud of you!

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Thanks, Joy! I will remember. Looking forward to episode 100…

  • Lori Ann Bloomus

    Touching podcast Kathleen. I love that you shared so much of yourself and the wonderful person you are. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Lori, I am privileged to have you as part of my life transformation team.

  • Steven Tessler

    What an awesome podcast!! Loved the joke!! You’ve overcome a lot and you are AWESOME!!

    Can’t wait to hear the next episode!!

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Thanks so much, Steven. I love it that you listened. Glad you liked the joke.

  • Kathleen – incredible 1st podcast. It beautifully sings your essence: honest, informative, crazy riffs, stimulating.
    Here’s to many more. Meantime, celebrate your launch!

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Thanks, Millie!

  • Elizabeth Huebner

    CONGRATULATIONS on your first pod cast. You inspire and sparkle. I especially liked the conculsions you draw at the end encouraging us to enter into dialog with you and become part of a community of people who want to live well and take good care of themselves. I look forward to being part of this community.

    • Kathleen Thompson

      I’m so glad you are part of this community, Elizabeth. Thank you for the inspiration you are to me.

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