Episode 002: Finding Your Own Groove [podcast]

What does it mean to find your groove? Where does that phrase come from, anyway? Groove can be finding your rhythm, hitting your stride, in the zone. It can also mean being stuck in a rut or bored. In this episode we explore how to find a groove that propels us forward, or moves us in some way.

(c) DavidDobleene/Thinkstock

(c) DavidDobeleene/Thinkstock

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On today’s episode:

Rhythm of Life: Experiment with Portable Food

Tune-Up Tip: What you absolutely MUST know about the year 1600

Random Riffs:  Surprise!

Feature Segment: What it means to Find Your Groove

Rhythm of Life

My experiment to make portable health food.

Tune-up Tip

How Baroque music can help your mind.

Feature Segment – Finding Your Own Groove

  1. Read the music
  2. Practice the fundamentals
  3. Add the groove


YouTube Links to Relaxing Records

Get Focused for Work, Study, Concentration

Focus, Study, Concentrate

Baroque music playlist

Bach – Overture #3 in D Major:  Amazon    iTunes

Bach – Minuet in G Major:  Amazon

Handel – Xerxes: Largo:  Amazon    iTunes

Monteverdi – Fifth Book of Madrigals: Cruda Amarilli:  Amazon   iTunes

Pachelbel – Canon in D – Relaxation Guitar Maestro:  Amazon   iTunes

Purcell – Suite 1 in G Major (Corant):  Amazon

Scarlatti – Sonata in C Major K.132:  Amazon   iTunes

Vivaldi – Concerto for Two Cellos in G Minor (Largo):  Amazon   iTunes

Vivaldi – Concerto For Mandolin in C Major (Largo):  Amazon   iTunes

How well are your grooves working for you? How would you like to get into a good groove in your life? Click here to leave a comment.

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  • Elizabeth Huebner

    I like the idea of me finding my groove instead of trying to fit into grooves that are established by my work, my friends or family. I don’t always know how to get there but I do recognize when I am in my groove. I feel relaxed, alert, energized and glad to be alive. I can tell I matter. I look forward to more of your thoughts about how to be in my groove more of the time.

    • Kathleen Thompson

      So often just “showing up” with the intention to make art primes the pump, so to speak. The act of consistently working at finding our groove, and then relaxing into it, can help us be more consistent. Let’s play with it in our own lives and see what we notice.

  • Jill

    I enjoyed this edition (again), Kathleen. I love how you share your own stories – your successes and challenges. I also enjoy the research and data you bring to each topic, like how music affects the brain. As for finding my own groove I have to admit, it very much depends on what is going on in my life at the time. There are waves where I feel I am in a good “groove” and times where I am striving to get back there. Carving out “me” time is helping lately…as simple as stretching, staying up later after family is asleep, having a meal alone on a beautiful day, and a bit of writing on personal, self-exploration topics.

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Jill, How do you notice when you have lost your groove, and how do you carve out that time for yourself with your busy life?