Episode 003: Hunting For Buried Treasure [podcast]

Do you know who you really are? Where you can best make a difference in the world and be fulfilled? Not what you do, but who you are at your core. Today we explore how to find buried treasure in your own life.

(c) Yingko/thinkstock

(c) Yingko/thinkstock

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On today’s episode:

Rhythm of Life – Putting Food on my Face

Tune-Up Tip – What has the power to harm or heal you more than almost anything else?

Feature Segment – Hunting for Treasure

Rhythm of Life

I try to combat rosacea with kefir.

Tune-up Tip

The power of healthy food. 3 key benefits:

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Helps heal even serious diseases
  • Protect brain cells

Food can harm or it can heal. What one thing can you change right now to bring more healing into your nutrition plan? Click here to share.

Feature Segment – Hunting For Treasure

Some ways to discover who you really are.

  1. Decide to go treasure hunting; see it as an adventure
  2. Take it in small bites.
  3. Use tools to help you (see Resources for some tools)
  4. Ask friends and family
  5. Write your life story
  6. Try some things on for size.
  7. Decide what to increase and what to get rid of, and then do it.

What buried treasure have you found? Were there any surprises? Click here to leave a comment.


Natural experiments to combat rosacea (still not sure if they are working or not):

Milk Thistle

Zenmed Rosacea remedy

Other Links

The Nourished Kitchen

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Strengths finder

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