Episode #005: Stage a Food Revolution

Food can be healing.  It can also make us sleepy, lethargic, inflamed, and more.  I revolutionized my diet.  Here are nine steps to stage a food revolution of your own. 

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On today’s episode:

Rhythm of Life – Cleaning Help

Tune-Up Tip – Quick and Easy Office Exercises

Random Riffs – What does opera have to do with sports?

Feature Segment – Stage a food revolution

Rhythm of Life

I need help figuring out how to clean my bathtub with some kind of natural cleanser.  If you have any suggestions, click here.

Tune-up Tip

Multitasking.  It contributes to stress, reduces our ability to focus, affects relationships, and makes us less 47% less happy.  Why do we do it?

  • We mistakenly believe we will get more done.
  • Everyone else does it.
  • Habit

How can we stop, or at least cut down, on multitasking?

  • Turn off technology
  • Meditate
  • Practice being present.

Feature Segment – I’m Staging a Food Revolution

Food can be healing.  It can also make us sleepy, lethargic, inflamed, and more.  How I changed my relatively healthy diet for one that was customized for my metabolism. Here are nine principles to stage a food revolution of your own:

  1. Is your food working for you or against you?  Notice how you feel
  2. Analyze your diet – see what you are really eating.
  3. Spread eating out.
  4. Drink 7-9 glasses of water per day.
  5. Reduce processed food with a goal to virtually eliminate.
  6. Focus on vegetables.
  7. Cut down on sugar and other sweeteners with goal to eliminate all added sugar.
  8. Eat healthy fat to keep you full and feed your brain.
  9. Get a lot of your carbs from beans, with less focus on grains.

Where would you like to stage a food revolution of your own?  Click here to leave a comment.



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  • Ann Thompson

    Wish I had an answer to this one as I’d could use suggestions myself. I’ve been trying to avoid products like Drano or Liquid Plummer as they are so toxic. They say baking soda mixed with hot water, followed by vinegar, does the trick but hasn’t worked so well for me. Probably is it’s difficult to actually pour the baking soda down the drain.
    A squeegee wipe down after a shower is a must for your shower walls and sides of the tub!

    • My biggest problem is the floor of the shower. I can keep the drain running smoothly with baking soda a very hot water, and I do squeegee the walls. If you have any good ideas for the floor, I’m all ears. One friend suggested the Magic Eraser. Not sure how toxic that might be though.

  • Ann Thompson

    my food revolution….or evolution…would start with more water per day. I know I don’t drink enough. Tea is like a comfort good for me, but adds more sugar to my diet. The benefits of water are widely recognized….this is where I would start making a change.

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