Episode 017: Delivering WOW! [podcast]

What does WOW look like to you?  I had an experience I will never forget that showed me how to deliver WOW.

(c) Seth Godin/Ruckusmakers

(c) Seth Godin/Ruckusmakers

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On Today’s Episode

Rhythm of Life – Singing With a Cold
Tune-up Tip – Salt In Your Diet:  A Hidden Land Mine
Random Riffs – Why is the alphabet in that order?
Feature Segment – Experiencing WOW!

Rhythm of Life – Singing With A Cold

Ever try to sing when you have a cold?

This happened to me recently. Because you can’t really hear yourself, you have to rely on technique, on habit.  I decided not to listen; not to judge by what I heard or how I felt.  Not to judge at all.  I let my body do what it knows how to do.  I’ve been doing this forever.

Our emotions can be like congestion, obstructing the freedom of our voice. When that happens, do something to lubricate the spirit.  Then get back to it, without judgment.  You will come back to your voice, clear, pure, and strong.

Tune-Up Tip – Salt in Your Diet:  A Hidden Land Mine

Did you know that 99% of the world’s population takes in DOUBLE the recommended maximum amount of sodium?

What’s the biggest problem with salt?  It can raise blood pressure which, studies show, can result in heart disease and stroke.

Where does most of our sodium come from?  Surprisingly, not from the salt shaker, but from PROCESSED FOODS. Sodium is still an important part of your diet, just not at the level to which the average American consumes it. With a little planning and creativity you can enjoy food without that hidden salt.

Your arteries will thank you for it.

Random Riffs – Why is the Alphabet In That Order?

We all learned the Alphabet Song when we were kids.  Ever wonder why the letters are in the order they are in?  Could it simply be because that’s how we’ve always ordered them?

Here are some interesting notes about the topic:
Quora – progression over time and addition of letters

Next time you hear or sing the A B C song, just think:  it could have been the I J F song!

Feature Segment – Delivering WOW!

It all began with a simple blog post delivered to my inbox:  A weekend seminar for those making a ruckus.
The goal is simple: to create a posture of forward motion, a platform you can use to elevate your work, your company and your team.
Who sent this post?  Seth Godin.

I jumped at it right away.  Why?  Because everything that I’ve experienced with Seth has been WOW.   And the weekend didn’t disappoint.  I learned so much about delivering my own WOW.

  1. Assemble the right team.  No one person can do everything themselves. Bring in others who will be a great reflection of you, delivering WOW in their own unique way.
  2. Be clear about your vision.  Everything you do should aid in moving you forward.  Each activity should support your intended goal.
  3. Select the right participants.  Choose a mix of people who are willing to speak their mind, but also listen. People who are creative, flexible, and engaged, and committed to adding to your WOW.
  4. Plan, organize and rehearse to allow for spontaneity.  Allow for creative flow.
  5. Physical environment matters.  Choose an environment that stimulates creative energy. Seth’s workshop was at a place called the Purple Crayon.  Logistically this might not have been the best choice, but for a bunch of ruckus makers, it was perfect. It made the experience WOW. It supported his vision and intended goals.

I also learned that the little details create WOW too.  Just as we learned in Episode 16, small things set the stage for big things.  And when you put care into the little things, people notice.  Just as they’ll notice when you pour your heart and soul into your interactions; when you lean in.

The weekend gave me pause to think about where I work and the groups to which I belong.  The time spent renewed my commitment to WOW in all areas of my life.  Seth helped me make a ruckus and take that ruckus back out into the world.

What about you?  Are you committed to delivering WOW to your family, your friends, your community, and your work?

Please share how you create WOW in your own life, or how you plan to start.