Episode 055: Start Right Where You Are – A Conversation With Sam Bennett

Do you have a dream or idea and haven’t found a way to get started?  Maybe you haven’t given yourself permission?  Sometimes a tiny action can set us on the path.  And that small thing turns into bigger things.  And once we get started, we’re unstoppable.  Today Samantha Bennett and I talk about permission, sparkly breadcrumbs, 5-minute art, and what it really looks like to be unselfish.


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On This Episode

Rhythm of Life – Lost and Found
Random Riffs – A New Take on an Old Song
Feature Segment – Start Right Where You Are – Talking With Samantha Bennett

Rhythm of Life – Lost and Found

“How did we get here?”  We asked ourselves this question when we came out of the woods onto Route 154 in Deep River – nowhere near our house.  We had been hiking in the woods, as we did a lot, and somehow ended up VERY far from our house.

Maybe we got cocky.  Maybe we got distracted.  I honestly don’t know.  But we were positive we were on the right track to go back toward home.  And in fact we were only headed farther away.

Until we landed on the street, we were convinced we were right.  We were convinced we recognized the landmarks.  It wasn’t true, but we certainly believed it was.  If someone had asked us if we were lost, we would have said no.

Have you ever had a time when you were lost and didn’t know it?  And all of a sudden it was super-obvious?  Maybe you weren’t physically lost – like in the woods.  Maybe you lost your emotional bearings.  Lost yourself somehow.  I know I did.  And it was a lot worse than landing on a busy street when I thought I was in my neighborhood.

Listen to hear how I got un-lost and what you can do when you get off-track.

Random Riffs – A New Take on an Old Song

Jingle Bells is one of my favorite winter songs.  It’s so happy and peppy.  It makes me smile every time I hear it.  As much as I like it though, it does speak to the more fun aspects of winter.  What about the other side of winter?  Listen to hear my odes to the not so bright side of winter.

Feature Segment – Start Right Where You Are: With Samantha Bennett

Nineteen years ago, Sam Bennett was couch-bound and depressed and not in the mood for the famous self-help book her friends gave her to cheer her up. But as she adapted its ideas to her own life over time, she became a believer, and eventually went on to create The Organized Artist Company, which helps creative individuals get unstuck and achieve their goals.

You may have heard Samantha talk about how to get your creative projects done in Episodes 039 and 040.  If you missed those, you might want to go back and give a listen – after you hear this one.  Anyway, today Sam and I are talking about her newest book – Start Right Where You AreThis book is for those of us who haven’t yet given ourselves permission to commit to something we would love to do.  Listen as Sam talks with wit, humor, and empathy.  After all, she’s been there too.

Here are my key insights from my conversation with Sam.

If it’s not okay with you to get your creative work out into the world, or if you’re so exhausted and stressed that you can’t even contemplate getting your creative work out into the world, then it doesn’t matter what trips and strategies you’re given.  You have to deal with the inner game first.

The reason change is so hard is that we often make our happiness contingent upon something in the future.  Or better said, you can choose to be joyful and peaceful in this moment right now.  That will create change.

Sometimes we get hung up on “What do I want?”  Instead, ask yourself, “How can I make this moment more me?  How can I show up that much more?”

We would all rather that people be real with us.

It’s not selfish to take care of ourselves.  It’s actually more considerate.  Why not take 20 minutes a day to do something that’s important to you?

Nothing bad is happening.

Everything that looks like a mistake and a problem is an opportunity and invitation to be a better person.

Everything you think about the future is just a movie running in your head.

If the opportunity is in front of you, you are ready.

It’s not really easier for the beautiful people we admire.  They just don’t let it stop them.

None of us get a free pass.  We all get the same amount of pain.  It just looks different.

Stop playing overwhelmed poker.  You don’t get extra bonus points for it being hard.

Confused or troubled?  Make some 5-minute art about it.

There’s not a better time.  There’s only this time.

Underneath it all we all want the same thing.

Do you know someone who has a dream and isn’t feeling ready to get started?  Or is stuck in neutral right now?  Share this episode with them using the email or social share buttons.  And if you really want to help them, buy them Sam’s book.  Here’s a link.  There are other free resources from Sam below.


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