Episode 064 – You’re Not Stuck With the Hand You’re Dealt

Have you ever looked at the cards you were dealt in a card game and wondered what on earth to do with them?  Well, in life you don’t have to settle for the hand you’ve been dealt.  You can change your life when you apply three powerful strategies.

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On This Episode

Rhythm of Life – A Penny For Your Thoughts and a Song For Your Memories
Random Riffs – The Power of Words
Feature Segment – You’re Not Stuck With the Hand You’re Dealt

Rhythm of Life – A Penny For Your Thoughts and a Song For Your Memories

Last weekend I played the keyboard at a funeral for a man from our church.  I used YouTube to familiarize myself with the song.  I ended up listening to all kinds of classic songs from the 70s and 80s.

As I listened, I was suddenly transported back to beautiful memories of falling in love with my husband Jerry.

There are other songs that transport me too.

What songs transport you to another time, place, or emotion?  Cherish those songs as they gift they are.  And sing them with all your heart.

Random Riffs – The Power of Words

April 18th – the day that Paul Revere rode his famous ride to warn the patriots that the British were on their way.  A day that has been memorialized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, aptly named “Paul Revere’s Ride.”

Paul is made out to be a hero.  Maybe even a super hero.  But the poem isn’t quite accurate.  The Old North Church website makes that clear.

Poetry DOES have an amazing capacity to move people.

Think about the potential power your words have, and choose your them wisely and well.

Happy Patriot’s Day!


Feature Segment – You’re Not Stuck With the Hand You’re Dealt

What do you do when you’ve been dealt a pair of twos?  You can’t always draw again when playing cards.  But you can in life.  And by putting the skills we’ve talked about since the beginning of the year to use, you can actually improve your hand.

How?  We’ve talked since the beginning of the year about peak performance.  We’ve done 7 episodes on

Know Who You Are

Tell Yourself a Compelling Story

Make Your Goals Fit You

Work and Play in a State of Flow 

Do Deep Work

All that we’ve said leads to this most important assertion – change your hand.  And play it the best way possible.  Said another way, you’re not stuck with the you you’ve created.  You can become the you God created – a purer, truer, more wholehearted version of yourself.

This episode brings the last 4 months together to help you live the life you would live if you knew how.

The bottom line?  –Know who you are created to be and act like that person would.


  1. Uncover your true nature
  2. Remove the emotional clutter that isn’t serving you or anyone else
  3. Act like that person
  4. Give yourself grace

This isn’t a rigid prescription.  It’s a loose framework.  It’s meant to be customized.

Also, understand that life happens.  Don’t expect machine behavior from a human being.  Some stuff knocks the breath out of us.  It’s okay.  This is life.  Be present with it.  Then get back in the game.

Life is more like a jazz combo than a game of cards.  When you know who you are created to be and act like it, you add to the beauty of the music.  Let’s make beautiful music together.

Which one of the strategies do you want to focus on?  Leave a comment and start today.

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  • Debra Healey

    Great advice Kathleen, since retiring in January I’ve focused on all the strategies you mention to reshuffle my cards!

    • Glad to hear it, Deb. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. What’s coming to the surface to far?