Episode 065: Life Happens. Sing Anyway.

Life happens.  When we’re the least prepared.  Whether we like it or not.  We’re going along, and BAM!  Something unexpected.  That knocks us off our feet.  The breath out of us.  Sometimes it even changes us.  Cause us to shrink inside.  Make ourselves smaller to try and dodge the next blow.  I’ve learned the hard way that when I protect myself I experience two losses – the original one and the loss of myself.  I’m learning to sing my own song, and let that song weave around all of my life.  Even the painful parts.  I invite you to lift your voice and sing your own song with faith and hope.

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Rhythm of Life – Why Skipping Stones Beats a Huge Rock Every Time
Random Riffs – Making Technology More Human
Feature Segment – Life Happens.  Sing Anyway

Rhythm of Life – Why Skipping Stones Beats a Huge Splash Every Time

The other day I was sitting in a large meeting.  I began to feel intimidated by how smart and together other people seemed.

When I got back to my hotel room, I tried to make sense of how I felt.  I’m reading Andy Andrews’ new book The Little Things right now.   And that got me thinking.  What if it’s not so important to make huge impression in this meeting?  What if big rock thrown into water doesn’t matter as much as I think it does?  What if it’s a series of little things that matters more?  Like skipping a small, flat stone across the water?

I applied that thinking to this situation, and saw how I could change my perspective.  Listen to hear how I reframed my thinking, and how you can apply this “little things” principle in your own life.

Random Riffs – Making Technology More Human

Universal Studios in Orlando has come up with a new innovation – virtual lines.  So far it’s only on a few rides.  Imagine if they did this in the entire park?  Imagine other possibilities for virtual lines?  A classic case of technology enabling us to be more human.

We have the technical capacity to enable our interaction with technology to be more human.  And for technology to help people act more like they naturally are – human.  For years we’ve forced humans to act like machines to squeeze more productivity out.  To make it easier for those designing and managing the technology too.

That time should be over.  We in tech have an obligation to help those who use our technology act like they would if they weren’t using our software.  Or machine.  Or device.  Not to replace humans.  To let them be who they really are.

Universal Studios has taken a giant step forward with its virtual lines.  What’s next?  What can you think of?  If you’re not in Tech, what can you do in your own business or line of work to make it more human?

We live in exciting times.  Technology is changing everything.  We might as well change it for good.

Feature Segment – Life Happens.  Sing Anyway.

Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry.
Always keep singing, and sing your own song.

It’s not always easy to sing your own song.  Others drown it out.  It’s like the Sirens in Greek literature.

Some of the songs we might hear:

  1. Victory
  2. Conformity
  3. Work until you drop

These songs try to drown out our own song.  Sometimes they succeed.  Especially when life happens.

What is a perfect song?  One that stays the same?  No.  An interesting song is one that changes.  Life is the same way too.  We appreciate the highs as a result of the lows.

Yet so often we act as if we believe that life should be problem-free.  And when it isn’t, we hide and protect ourselves.  We don’t understand that when tragedy strikes we need to give ourselves space to breathe. Feel what we feel.  And understand that it's part of life.  Bad and wrong and tragic and hurts.  And happens to everyone.  Life happens.  The song shows no favorites.

This is hard.  Sometimes very hard.  And at other times it’s beautiful. Even beauty in the midst of difficulty.  These things don't break me, and they don't have to break you.

So much of life is a process of deconstruction.  Removing what we've built around us that we think protects us.  When what it actually does is trap us inside.  The more we listen, it lures us to shipwreck on the rocks.

Instead of fighting, sit with it.  Be present in it.  Acknowledge grief, anger, rejection, whatever.  Then actively say and breathe into, “I don't have to protect myself. I have what I need to heal.  And by taking this time I will be able to run with freedom.”

If you want to sing own song, incorporate all of life's experiences into it.  It’s interesting to note that in the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece, he had Orpheus drown out the Sirens’ call with his magnificent lute playing.  One song playing more beautifully than the other.  With faith.  You can do that too.

What have you incorporated into your song that has added to the beauty of it – even if it didn't seem so at the time?  Share in the comments section.