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This is a placeholder for the “Finding your Groove” podcast that is coming within the next few months. It will come out on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, and is dedicated to the art of living today while creating tomorrow.

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Snow at the End of the Driveway – Dealing With the Little Things

We’ve had a lot of snow in the Northeast this winter.   The storms have come close together, and some have been mixed with sleet and ice.  Earlier this week, I noticed that the snow at the end of my driveway was creeping inward, to the point where it was difficult to drive in.  Then it snowed again – twice in two days.  Despite my shoveling, the pile grew every time the snowplow went by.  The snow crept in further to the point where I had to take drastic action.

(c) Digital Vision/Thinkstock

(c) Digital Vision/Thinkstock

I tried to shovel it out, but it was frozen.  It would not budge.  

The Pleasure of a Pomegranate – How to Enjoy Real Food

We say we want to eat more healthy, yet we often don’t.  One of the reasons is that eating sweets or snacks seems more fun.  So many social events center around food.  It seems that the more fun the event, the less nutritious the food.  Our subconscious minds then associate fun with foods like nachos, chicken wings, candy or cake.  We even have an entire day devoted to the art of snack food.  They don’t call it the “Super Bowl” for nothing!

We are often so busy that food becomes an afterthought.  We grab whatever we can find that is quick and easy.  I’ve found that sometimes I don’t recall what I had for lunch or how it tasted because I wasn’t paying attention as I ate.  My mind was elsewhere.

So how do we eat more healthy?  What if we changed the paradigm?  What if we took pleasure in eating food in its natural state?  I rediscovered this love last week when I cut and ate a pomegranate.

photo credit:  Kathleen Thompson

photo credit: Kathleen Thompson

Using my pomegranate as an example, here’s how to love food that comes straight from Mother Nature.