Welcome to the Beauty in EVERYday Challenge!

Thanks for joining this 30 day adventure

(c) Ann Thompson

(c) Ann Thompson

In case you want to get a head start, here's the complete list of topics for all 30 days. 

1.   A favorite place
2.   Something outside
3.   Water – in any form
4.   Light/shadows
5.   Dirt
Experience or Emotion
6.   Smile or laugh
7.   Something that gives you comfort
8.   Innocence – child, pet, baby
9.   Generosity and abundance
10. Powerful emotion
11. A memory
12. Special person from your past
13. Special person now
14. Someone with inner beauty
15. Someone who loves you unconditionally
16. Someone who touched you today
17. Hands
18. Tools or appliances
19. Everyday object
20. Something tiny – easy to overlook
21. Fabric
22. Furniture
23. Vehicle
24. A well-worn object
24. something old
25. pattern or texture
26. Color
27. Food
28. Smell
29. Simplicity
30. Your choice – what is the essence of beauty to you

Don't Forget:

1. Join the Facebook group.  This is where you will post your daily discoveries and also see what other people are finding as they journey alongside you.

2. Share the 30 Day Challenge with your friends and family.  Imagine the change that would take place in your closest relationships if you all learned to find beauty in everyday regardless of your circumstances!  Encourage your friends to sign up.  It's easy!  Click here to get to the page, choose one of the social media buttons, and write a note encouraging them to sign up.

3. Start Day 1 – today!  Follow the challenge outline that you received in your email from me.  The idea is that you pay attention every day to the beauty you experience around you.  It could be something you see, hear, touch, taste, or feel.  Each day we will have a prompt to help you find beauty in ways you've never even considered or imagined before.

4. Share your discovery – pictures and caption, or a story explaining how you find beauty in the everyday by posting in the private Facebook group.  Or, if you're not on Facebook, you can also share on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BeautyInEveryday.

5. Have fun! Trust me – big change can happen in 30 days.  I can't wait to hear about your experience at the end and throughout the challenge.  You can email me anytime at kathleen@kathleenannthompson.com.

That's it!  So glad you got started.  See you on the journey.

All the best, Kathleen

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