Do the Hustle – NOT!

What do you do when you feel called to do something, when something is burning in your heart, and you work like crazy…and then it isn’t working?  At least the way you think it should?  What do you do when you’re weary and discouraged, and begin to question yourself?  What do you do?

(c) AdobeStock Photo

(c) AdobeStock Photo

Do you press harder?  Voice your doubts?  Change something?  Quit? 

Swinging For the Fences

We love a home run, don’t we?  The big guy gets up to the plate, swings away, and CRACK!  The bat hits the ball right in the sweet spot, and the ball goes flying over the fence.  The crowd jumps to its feet and roars.  The batter saunters around the bases, sometimes waving his hat in the air to acknowledge the rousing applause.

(c) Ann Thompson

(c) Ann Thompson

A lot of people think that the rest of the game is boring.  They wait for the home runs.  They’re powerful.  Flashy.  Exciting.

The Measure of a Moment

What's a moment worth?  How do you measure a moment?  If you're a gazillionaire making $1 billion a year, a minute is worth about $190,000. If you're like the rest of us, not that much in terms of dollars.   What if we use a different lens?  See the value in its ability to change our life, protect us from danger, take our breath away?  What about the moments that change our life's course, remind us of who we are, or even change history?

life is full of beautiful moments - remember them

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What are those moments worth?

You in the Spotlight

I recently asked you to answer a few questions about who you are, what you love, and what challenges you face. You candidly shared your thoughts, feelings, and feedback. Not only did you share yourself, you also told me how I can best serve you.

(c) Dollar Photo Club

(c) Dollar Photo Club

There are several statistics that you may find interesting.  But let's start with what's most important: who you are.