There’s Never a Good Time

There's never a good time

To have a child
To take that trip to Alaska
To climb a mountain
To write that novel
To learn to play the piano
To do something that matters
To be generous
To start your new project
To pursue your dream

In your 20s, you’re not established enough.  You have debt, no reputation, and no connections.  That was true for me.  I had bills to pay, and couldn’t figure out how to sell my songs, so I got a job and quit writing music.

In your 30s, perhaps you have a family.  A hectic schedule.  Too much on your plate.  A house and a mortgage.  In my case I was supporting my husband through college and we were paying child support and a mortgage.

In your 40s, kids’ college is on the horizon.  You may have a bigger mortgage.  Your career takes more of your time as you rise in the organization.  In my 40s, I was still paying for my husband’s college education (PhD), and was spending more time at work.

In your 50s, retirement looms.  Your children may be getting married or your parents are aging.  They need your help and support.  In my 50s, I am widowed.  I have only my own income.  And I see my retirement income versus anticipated expenses and cringe.

In your 60s, you have less energy.  And you’ve lived too long to change now.  Though I’m not there yet, I’m hearing it from people whom I know.  A few continue to explore and challenge themselves, but it’s more difficult.

There’s never a good time.

No one starts off in life planning to work too many hours, or stifling who they are to fit in with others’ expectations.  It just happens as we wait for the right time.  A time when it will be easy. 

As I look at my life, I see that I have done just that.  Waited.  Until my travel schedule died down.  Until my husband finished school.  Until we had more money in the bank.  Until our house was paid off.  Until we retired.  Some of those milestones came and went, and I still waited.  Some haven’t happened yet and may never happen.  So what should I do now?  Wait?  Or should I go for it?

I’ve decided to pursue the life I want, even after all this time.  When it isn’t a good time.  To go after the life I’ve been waiting to come to me.  To choose it, rather than letting circumstances set my agenda.  It won’t look like it would have in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s.  It will look like now.  And that’s okay.

You can do that too.  There’s never a good time.  Do it anyway.

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  • Paul Potter

    I would travel on a missions trip to Nigeria this fall. Thanks for the nudge Kathleen.

    • Paul, I met a great guy at the SCORRE Conference last week who is a pastor in Nigeria. If you’re interested, I can send you his e-mail address.

  • Paul Potter

    Yest please send his email. I interviewed Martin Msimiyu a chuch planter from Nigeria for my podcast last week. I’ll try to make a connection. Thanks

  • Thank you for this timely reminder. Yes there are always reasons not to do what we think we should. It is so important to focus on the big picture and to live each day to the full.

  • Thank you Kathleen! Good to be reminded about “THERE’S NEVER A GOOD TIME. DO IT ANYWAY!” The Three last words said what I needed to hear again today :-)

    • That’s great, Reidun. What are you going to do?

      • I am working on my first video for YouTube and to apply with that video to PU. Have to be done tomorrow. :-) And, there is never a good time for that first time video. But I will do it anyway! :-)

        • Good for you. I hope you win!

          • Thanks Kathleen, that would be great! My site is terrible. And I can not afford today all the wonderful stuff I need to do to get it right. Am working on it, but take time. But I think I am far away from getting chosen as a winner. But who knows. Only God knows! His will be done!