How Are Your Goals Like Potholes?

If there’s one thing that grows well in New England, it’s potholes.  The temperature fluctuates widely during the winter.  The road gets wet from snow, sleet, or rain.  It freezes and thaws.  And the moisture combined with the freezing and thawing creates a frost heave.

(c) AdobeStock Photo

(c) AdobeStock Photo

Which then turns into a pothole.

Sometimes it feels as though they breed like rabbits.  One day there’s none and the next day it’s like running the gauntlet as you drive up the road.  Some of them are so big that you can’t avoid them.  And then there’s the ones you simply don’t see.

BAM!  Your car hits the pothole and it’s never the same again.  What’s happened?  The car has gone out of alignment.

In Episode 058  we looked at alignment as it relates to our goals. (If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen!)  If our goals don’t fit who we are, we probably won’t accomplish them, or even try as hard as we could.  Why?  Because we’re out of alignment.  Just like the car that hits a pothole.

What does it feel like to drive a car with the alignment out of whack?  It’s a lot harder, isn’t it?  It takes so much more effort to keep the car straight.  A vice-like grip on the steering wheel as the car pulls to the right or left.  Sometimes it’s bumpy too.  Not pleasant.  Not smooth.

Now imagine that your goals are out of alignment.  You try to go straight.  But it takes so much effort.  Your subconscious mind keeps pulling you off to the right.  Or you feel every bump as if it’s 4 feet deep.  Hit the gas and BAM!  Hold the wheel and feel your arm muscles tense with the strain.

You get the picture.  So the next time you hit a pothole, whether a New England style monster or whatever you have in your part of the world, let that little (or not so little) jolt be a reminder.  Keep your goals aligned with you.  Pay attention to the tug in another direction.  And if you stray off course, just get back on the road.

If you’d like an alignment adjustment, send me a note to  Let’s get your life in tune so you can make it sing.

Do you have a goal you’re struggling with?  Is it possible it needs to be tailored to fit?  Why not commit to change that here and now by leaving a comment?