Let’s Go Exploring

Today is the start of a new year.  Today is a new day.  Today is the first day of my blog.  It is only fitting that I start on the first day of the year.


Today is a new beginning for you. 

On December 31, 1995, Bill Watterson published his last Calvin and Hobbes cartoon with these words:  “…A new year… a fresh, clean start!  It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on!  A day full of possibilities!  It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…let’s go exploring!”

What are your plans?

What will you do with this year?  Do you have dreams or goals?  Have you written them down?  Do you have any idea what this year holds in store?  I spent this past week thinking about 2013 and my goals for 2014.  I posted them on my computer, and determined the next action for each goal.  I blocked time on my calendar to do the work.  With all that activity, I have markedly increased my chances of reaching or exceeding my goals.  You may have done or planned a similar activity yourself.

Can you tell the future?

That having been said, do you REALLY know what will happen this year?  Do you want to be held to the view you have right now?  What if you think of something you hadn’t thought of before?  A new idea?  A new direction?  What if life throws you a curve?  Are you prepared for that?  And what about enjoying life right now?  Do you have to be always striving for something?  In the past, I  focused so much on working toward the future that I didn't even notice the present, much less enjoy it.

Living in the “Now”

Each moment of your life is precious and unique.  It will never come again.  You can learn to savor each moment and live fully right here and now.  You can do this when it is fun and exciting – in your daily routine – and when difficulties arise.

Creating your future

At the same time, we as humans have a need to work toward something.  It is part of what fulfills us, gives us a sense of accomplishment.  So we make To-Do Lists and work hard.  Yet we can find ourselves short of the finish line or even in the wrong game.  We need a vision, the right tools, and a plan.

You can either work strategically towards your future or react when it hits you in the face.  You can’t control the future, but you can influence it by your actions.  And you can choose actions that work for you.

What this blog is about

We will explore what it means to live fully in the present moment and also work toward the life you want to create.   We will explore how your mindset shapes your life, how to live with more energy, how to find your own voice, how to get “unstuck”.  We will investigate ways to grow, strengthen relationships, stimulate creativity, be more effective, and excel in the workplace.

Let’s Explore Together

I don’t know everything.  Neither do you.  No one knows everything.  But we all know something.  Let’s explore life together.  We’ll be better for it.

Question:  What are you appreciating about your life right now?  Please leave a comment below.

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  • Millie Grenough

    I’m appreciating lots of things! Here’s a short list: that I am alive and well, that I am doing work that I love, that I have family and friends, that I have colleagues like you!
    Happy 2014 to you, and congrats on beginning your blog. Love the photo of the sea lapping into the new year…

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Thanks, Millie. Happy New Year and a great 2014!