The Lion’s Roar – Facing Your Fears

The jungle can be a cruel place.  Animals struggle for survival – finding water, food, and eluding predators.  The smaller, slower, or weaker animals are preyed upon by those larger, stronger, faster, and more cunning.  And one that is feared by almost all in the jungle is the lion.

(c) Redmich/Thinkstock

(c) Redmich/Thinkstock

Lions are called the king of the jungle for good reason.  They are smart, strong, and fast.  They are fierce.  Their roar strikes terror into man and beast alike.  Animals often freeze in fear when they hear that powerful roar.    

As powerful as that roar sounds, it actually has no power at all.  A roar cannot trap prey or kill it.  A roar can only intimidate another animal into surrendering.  If the animal hears the roar and heeds the warning, it has a chance to survive.

Fear can be just as deafening as lion’s roar.  Every instinct tells you to stop and cower.  But you don’t have to let it paralyze you.  You can escape the roar of fear.

Five steps to combat fear

1. Recognize It

See fear for just what it is.  Fear is believing something bad may happen.  It is not real.  It may feel real, but it is not; it has no teeth.  It cannot harm you.  Danger can harm you; fear cannot.  Fear has only as much power as you give it.

 2. Face It

Once you recognize fear, look it straight in the eye.  Do not turn away.  Study it.  Try to understand its source.  You want to know your enemy well so you can exploit its weaknesses.  This is a battle for your life, and you want to win.  Quite often when you recognize and face your fears, they no longer have the same power.

 3. Fight Hard and Smart

Use every weapon at your disposal:  understanding of the enemy’s tactics, experience, speaking truth, faith, prayer, emotional support.  Anything and everything that will attack that fear.  Fear does not fight fair, so be prepared for a nasty battle.  The closer it gets to defeat, the harder it will fight.

 4. Keep Moving

A moving target is harder to hit.  Not only that, but you can maneuver better when you are in motion.  You have more options.  Put up your sails and head out.  Once underway you can continue to trim them to catch the best wind.

 5. Band together

It is easy to be picked off when you are alone.  Animals who work together often have a better chance of survival.  The same is true with us.  It’s like snowshoeing just after a storm.  The leader breaks the new snow so the others have an easier time.  Then the leader goes to the back, and another person takes over.  Each has the opportunity to help and be helped by the others in the group.

What you can do right now

Look at your life.  Is there something that you really want to do, and haven’t?  If so, could it be fear that is stopping you?  At the end of our lives, we often regret the things we did not do.  Don’t let fear rob you of the life you were meant to have.  Head straight for the lion’s roar.  You’ll find that it doesn’t have as many teeth as you thought.

Question:  What lions have been roaring in your life?  How have you fought them?  Click here to leave a comment.