Update to “Why Integrity Matters”

Last week I wrote a blog post about why integrity matters.  In that post I cited the example of Johnson and Johnson during the 1982 Tylenol scare.  I also cited the recent National Speakers Association re-branding to Platform.  I stated that our integrity (or lack thereof) shows when we find ourselves in a situation that we didn't expect and have to decide what to do.

(c) Triloks/Thinkstock

(c) Triloks/Thinkstock

I am pleased to announce that the NSA has decided to drop the name and start the re-branding process again.  Michael Hyatt posted this update on his blog.  Not only did the NSA call Michael directly, but they also posted an update on YouTube, which is featured on Michael's blog.

The group's response is another example of acting with integrity.  I salute them for making this difficult and most likely costly decision.

And now to us.  What would we have done in that situation?  Would we have investigated all the legal implications and chosen a path that was legal and possibly unethical?  Would we base our decision on a poll to determine what was right?  Would we weigh the cost to our reputation against the cost to remedy the situation?  Or would we do what was right just because it was right?

We do not truly know how we would respond until put to the test.  However, the more we are intentional about what our values are and the more we practice them on a day-to-day basis, the more likely we are to respond with integrity when the stakes are higher.

Thanks to the National Speakers Association for showing us what integrity looks like.  If you would like to thank them in person, send an e-mail to feedback@nsaspeaker.org.

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